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Kate Pennington, Australia

Engaging from the beginning. A fantastic book I was unable to put down. Even up to the last few pages I was still captivated by this book not wanting it to end wanting to hear more. The author is so engaging it is like she is in the room with you having a conversation. All who read ‘Truth’ will not be disappointed. Loved it.

Lena Arstam, Sweden
V for Victory

In Niki Norlock’s first novel ”Truth – My Sychromystic Journey” we get to know a young woman of today. Canada has produced many brilliant authors, the other day one of them got the Swedish Nobel prize in literature. Alice Munro has given the generations from last century a voice. Niki Norlock has captured the true atmosphere of our new age.

We get insight into her life via her e-mail correspondence and her cell phone calls. A new language is developed through this new media which she uses frequently in her novel. The structure of the novel is more fragmented than traditional novels; sometimes she tells a story, at other times she offers up extracts from her diary.

Portions of the novel are like a dream including conversations with the Creator and angels while other parts are very down-to-earth, highlighting everyday conversations with her daughter, friends and people she meets in her travels.

“Truth” could be read as a love story or a woman’s search for happiness or her struggle as a writer. The divorced, single mother wants to change her life, to evolve; she wants more out of life and she takes us with her through her various ups-and downs. She meets a Canadian/Filipino musician and following her inner voice and synchronicities, makes a long journey to Philippines.

As all with all good literature, “Truth” opens up the universe a little bit more. It provides new perspectives and a way for you the reader to see a part of your own life pattern in a new light.

There is no end to the novel. When we close the book we ask ourselves – what happens next? Perhaps we will find out in her follow-up novel “Going Home to Heaven”.


Jenny Kreutzkamp, Canada

Niki Norlock is not your typical writer… Nor is ” Truth” your typical novel. A free flowing enjoyable read with many different twists and turns. “Truth” is a different adventure on every page. Don’t fear “Truth”… embrace it. Worth your time and more!


Ines Martens – USA

I recently read the eBook version of this book and I was drawn in from the very beginning. I enjoyed the storyline, as it reminded me how following guidance and intuition really creates magic and magical moments all the time.

About midway through was when something very unusual happened for me: I had a deja vu (or alternate reality) experience – I recognized the story on a very deep level. The story is truly multilayered and multidimensional and anyone wishing to see more magic in their own life on a day to day basis would do well reading this book and therefore discovering their own truth.

Robert Lacy – USA

Right from the beginning, I was engaged and fascinated by this story. The characters were believable and the twists and turns magical. Jean has a style of writing that entices you, pulls you in and makes you wonder what is going to happen next.

The spiritual aspects of her tale resonate with what is going on in the world now. How the characters interact illustrates the human experience on a level that appeals to what we all go through in life. That is, with the difference that most people are afraid to risk. She offers us a new way to perceive the world, one that allows for greater compassion and understanding, without feeling threatened.
A wonderful, compelling story with an equally compelling message of hope. I highly recommend it.


Author at Her Craft

Niki Janine Norlock is a gem. She understands the depth, breadth and lightness of consciousness because she has been walking and talking her truth along the path. Read her new book, Truth and experience the journey of the soul.

Simran Singh
Author of Conversations with the Universe: How the World Speaks to Us
Steward of 11:11 Magazine and 11:11 Talk Radio


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