SOTH Children’s Foundation and Beyond Strength

There’s not much left to say that hasn’t already been said in the book about my experiences with SOTH (Shepherd of the Hills) except perhaps to stress the monumental impact that my short exposure to this unique organization had on my life.  My discovery of them and my immersion into their world of acceptance and forgiveness allowed me to see far beyond the limitations I had set for myself.  Their ability to find joy in the everyday simple aspects of life inspired me to change not only the way I lived but the way I thought about and perceived our world and the people in it.  I will be forever grateful to the SOTH family for all that they be and all that they do; it is thank to them that I eventually found my own truth and embraced it fully allowing myself to experience life in all its glory.   Just click on any of the pictures of SOTH below to go directly to the SOTH website.

933 - Copy               Rehearsing at Home

The SOTH children practice at home                              Revo gets a violin lesson

Studying      Studying

SOTH children working on crafts in their schoolroom, Baguio City, Philippines


After introducing Revo to SOTH, and realizing that if the world could see into the lives of these remarkable children, they too may be inspired to seek out that within their own lives that brought them joy.  Through our desire the share the gifts of gratitude and forgiveness we began work on a project that would shed light on the darkness that it at times pervasive on the streets of Manila.  Project Strength was born, and after time grew into something so much more powerful than our original vision had allowed for.  Although the production of the film was for a time put on hold, recent events have encouraged us to midwife its rebirth in the form of a documentary entitled BEYOND STRENGTH.  Just click on any of the film crew photo’s below to go directly to the BEYOND STRENGTH movie website where you can stay updated on the progress of the film.
A percentage of the proceeds from both the sale of the film and of TRUTH – MY SYNCHROMYSTIC JOURNEY will be donated to SOTH to help to support them in their continuing efforts to rescue children from the streets and offer them the life of hope they deserve.

Filming B-Roll            Lucien and Crew

The Beyond Strength film crew on location

Miracles come in all different shapes and forms; and confirmation is frequently offered that you are on the right path, often in unexpected ways.  During one of our adventures while filming Beyond Strength, we were amazed to be witness to a message from the Divine that we simply could not ignore.

Lamb of God

The Lamb of God Witnesses Filming

In the Sacred Christian text Jesus Christ is quoted as saying “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. But it never states what ‘Way’ he is, or what ‘Truth’ he is. In our typical humanness over the centuries we have boxed this ‘Way’ and ‘Truth’ into convenient understandable doctrine which has been taught as the reality of God. In short, the Christian church has often said “If you do not believe it as we teach it, you are going the wrong way and don’t have the real truth”. This has often caused more harm than good, and has frequently set people looking in the wrong direction, which can regularly result in finding nothing, except despair of emptiness.

The reality of the Divine is far greater and far deeper than we can ever comprehend. The synchromystic world in which we live has a cosmically Divine orchestration and we must follow the path which lies before us, having given all of our inner self and preconceived ideas to the void and fullness of the Divine presence.

In ‘Truth – My Synchromystic Journey’ Niki Norlock bravely unfolds before the world her deepest soul, showing us the journey which we all need to take. Not that we will all have the same experiences as she did, but that we will be fully open to whatever the Divine has for each of us, taking us beyond our understanding; right out of our comfort zone; and into a world which may seem like fantasy to those not taking the journey, but is the Ultimate Reality unfolding before us and within us for those of us who are.

It has been my pleasure to get to know Niki over the years, and I know that, just as she has been a blessing to me and challenged me, through this book she will be a blessing and a challenge to all who hear her through the written word.

‘Truth – My Synchromystic Journey’ has the potential to transform the way you live; to guide you into a better way of walking into your future; and reveal an unveiling of the Divine in ways you may have never dreamed possible, if only you let it.

David Cole, author of ‘The Mystic Path of Meditation – Beginning a Christ Centred Journey’ and ‘The Inner Journey: Prayers & Practices for Christ-Centered Meditation

Photos: Jeffrey Dela Cruz / Randy Raytos / Deo Loredo